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Aromatic Botanicals
Lash extensions, artisan soap, Goats milk lotion, Wholesome Bath & Body, paraben free, free of harsh chemicals with God in mind. Treat my body like a Temple Look & feel like a Godess

Aromatic Botanicals

Aromatic Botanicals is a flourishing,  soap company. We are spiritually driven & family ownedbusiness.  We make luxurious spa products here in our studio.  We start out by composting our organically grown foods. Our soaps, lotions, anti aging serums, salts, scrubs, essential oils are parben free & free from Sodium Laurel sulfates.  We grow all of our herbs and botanicals with out the use of harmful pesticides or anything harsh.  After we harvest, we infuse all these spectacular plants in luxurious oils like jojoba, olive, kukui nut and emu oil.  These oils must be married to each other for at least a year before we make our soap & spa products. Aromatic Botanicals, beautifully infused oils are healing and soothing.  Inner beauty and outer beauty, while invigorating and waking up your spirit is; our goal.  We are passionate about you & all of God's earthly ingredients. He gave us everything we need.. 



We love  our soaps and spa products. You can trust the purity of our products because we made them from scratch ourselves. 

Our customers are as precious as the ingredients & essential oils, that we use! 

Aromatic Botanicals
Lash Extensions, Artisan soap, Goats milk Lotion, Lush, gifts, organic soap, organic products, the best face creams, lotion, anti aging serums, with an artist's twist.  Wholesome and healthy with your well being in mind.  We love the skin your in......The best therapeutic grade essential oils, only

Ask me about the new flat Rate packages from the USPS from $4.95sm. $8.99 med $11.99 LG $33.00 Global  I have stragically packaged our products so that I can really take advantage of our flat rate system. So don't fret about shipping charges. You"ll get more more from us than anyone else!

Aromatic Botanicals  bottles their own therapeutic grade essential Oils. You can buy them in in 15 ml. Glass amber bottles with orifice reducers and tamper resistant caps.

Check this out!  Aromatic Botanicals makes luxurious hand made soap,beautiful lotions & body butters, essential oils, anti- aging serum, bath salts, sugar scrubs, lip balms, bath fizzies and much more.  We are proud to say that each product has it's own therapeutic properties.  Each one separately helps promote wellness .They are not only good for you, they are exquisite and luxurious products! Wild crafted, natural or no holds bar! We can make your order special to suit your personal needs! We can use all natural clays and Botanicals with the essence of essential oils to promote healthy life styles or we can get totally wild and make your soaps with exotic, vibrant colors with amazing fragrances. We always make our soap the old fashion way.  All products are made free of ammonium laureth sulfates, cocamidopropyl betaine, ammonium chloride, petrolatums & parabans. Our products are tested only on friends and family.  They are bio-degradable. Never harsh. We've been in business for 8 years now!  Call us at 480-234-3220 or E-mail 

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